Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Health Scare

So, two weeks ago I had a heart attack. I am only 35. Now I must take my weight serious. While in the hospital I was weighed. 484 pounds. Not good. So not good. This week I have been making some changes. Monday was a difficult day. I had a job interview so it messed with my anxiety level and I didn't eat until after 6pm. And yes it was fast food, Taco Bell to be exact. Also I had a soda.

But, I did so much walking around Monday. It felt good to be out of the house and moving. Had my portable oxygen with me. Still got really winded, but baby steps. Being healthy doesn't just happen, you have to work at it.

Yesterday saw me only have a bowl of cranberry yogurt shredded wheat with cashew milk. Oh and water. And exercise wise, just walked around the house.

I used to drink four to five bottles of soda a day. I haven't had any at all since Monday. And the soda I had Monday was the first one since the Wednesday prior to that.

Eating. Poodles went grocery shopping last night and now we have all this wonderfully healthy food. My eating schedule is still all fucked up. It is 2:27pm as I write this and I still haven't had breakfast yet. I need to get this under control.

Exercise. Need to come up with a plan and stick to it.

Sunday, May 31, 2015


Haven't been doing anything for weight loss. So starting tomorrow, I am drinking hot lemon water twice a day, increasing my water intake, and adding some stationary biking to my daily routine. I am shooting for a month with no misses. If I can last the month, then will be a habit. Then I will add three new things to the healthy regimen. I will post a blog update at least twice a week to show my progress. Right now I am getting ready to go to bed, so that I get the necessary rest for the terrible Monday.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Serenity Here!

Yes, I am finally posting something on this blog. Not that I have actually been doing anything about weight loss. I went to the gym when we first got our memberships. I haven't been back since New Years. I really should get back to it, but I can't seem to get motivated. All I can think about is how much pain I am always in. Yes, I know that exercise is supposed to help with that, but I always seem to have worse pain. I have a bad back. The back pain gets so bad that I can't stand for more than I few minutes at a time. Oh, and don't forget the breathing problems. You are supposed to breathe when you exercise, but I have a tendency to hold my breath. I have to actively make myself breathe when doing everyday things.

Is it any wonder that I don't loose weight. All I can think about is the negative. So what. I am not a positive thinker. Never have been. Most likely never will be. See there I go again. I have always said that if it wasn't for Poodles I wouldn't even be living. Everything else in my life has just been rotten. Except, I do like my job. For once in my life I am actually doing something I enjoy.

Enough about depression. Here is hoping that I can make some changes!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Still At It


It's been a couple of weeks, I know.  I'm sure all three of the robots that read this were on the edge of their seat, waiting to see if we were going to stick with it.  And we have!  The exercise, anyway, if not the blogging.  I'm sure at some point, Serenity is totally going to post something, but in the meantime you have me.  Aren't you just the lucky ones?

So, we had a rough couple of weeks, due to Serenity working 60 hours between 12/3 & 12/7 (overtime, bitches!), and then both of us feeling wore down the following week.  While she was in the accounting frenzy known as Monthly Close, I still got my three workouts (although T-W-Th instead of M-W-F).  And even during the week of "Ugh, we feel like ass, do we have to leave the house?" we still got in two workouts, on Tuesday and Friday.

Serenity's been having some trouble with advancing her workout, so instead of trying to make them longer, we're going to make them more frequent.  Starting today, we're going in after work every weekday for light cardio, then coming in on Saturday morning for strength training.

I still haven't done one single workout to prep for the obstacle 5k I want to do in March.  However, I did sprint 50 yds, climb a stack of pallets, vault over a wire fence and hit an aggressive, unsocialized, unsupervised bull terrier with a piece of rotting wood to get him to stop trying to eat my mom's 3.5 month old rat terrier puppy.  Then I had to go out the neighbor's gate and walk half a mile to get home, since I couldn't get back over the fence with the puppy in my arms.  (This was followed by a whole weekend of restraining the urge to stab my idiot brother, since it was all his fault and he refused to acknowledge responsibility.  That's always a tough workout for me. (I took the pup (Beauxreguarde (extra letters for more Frenchiness (because Mom's kind of a Francophile (the country, not the actors (Yes, plural, haven't you seen James' little brother Dave in 21 Jumpstreet?  Fright Night? That terrible last season of Scrubs??))))) to the vet right away.  No broken bones, no spinal injury.  A couple of nasty puncture wounds and lacerations, and a very bad strain on his right foreleg.  He's recovering quickly, but it was a ROUGH WEEKEND for Little Man.))

I'm also having very little success trying to improve my sleeping habits.  I did have a couple of early nights last week, but I was right back to <6 hours last night.  I don't feel like doing anything that needs to be done during the appropriate time to do it.  Then when it's time to go to bed, it still needs to be done (very inconsiderate of my To-Do List not to do itself so I can watch a Firefly marathon).  So I have to cut into my sleep time to do it.  It's a great place to start for practicing willpower, to make myself do what needs to be done.  This evening I intend to make myself load the dishwasher and take out all the trash.  We'll see how it goes.


It went, and fairly well at that.  I had a really productive day yesterday:  studying, writing the first half of this post, did the dishes and the trash, cleaned the counters, and swept.  I have a butt ton of other stuff to talk about, but this post is beginning to ramble, so NEW POST!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

So Tired of Tired

One of my biggest stumbling blocks is inadequate sleep.  I've always been a night owl, and several years of 3rd shift work certainly reinforced that.  However, my life currently includes a 7:30 am to 4:30 pm day job, plus a 45-minute commute, plus 30-45 minutes of getting ready time, plus up to 1/2 an hour of sleeping through my alarm each morning.  That means setting my alarm for 5:30 am, and THAT means the only way to get 8 hours of sleep each night is to be in bed by 9:30 pm at the latest.

What am I, a toddler?!

Considering that with this, that, and the other I often don't get home until 6:30 pm, the idea of having only 3 hours PER DAY that isn't taken up by the day job just seems like utter bullshit.  Especially considering that it's almost never actually 'free time'.  There's cooking and cleaning, office cleaning jobs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, family members who always want a little piece of my time, etc. etc.  If I were to meet all my responsibilities and go to bed at a reasonable hour, I would maybe get 20 minutes to actually relax.

On the other hand, my stress levels would go way down, because all my shit would be taken care of, I'd be well rested, and I could basically fuck off all weekend (except for about 2.5 hours' worth of office cleaning jobs).  Not to mention how taking care of things - instead of blowing it off and playing video games - would really cut into my sitting around time

On the OTHER other hand, I don't think I would recognize myself if I became one of those super-responsible people who goes to work, takes care of things, then goes to bed at a reasonable hour.  It always seems so joyless.  Although, let's face it, it's not exactly joy I'm pursuing when I flip channels until 3am (why do I even do that?  I should download some good podcasts and go to bed with my headphones).  AAAGH!  I continually go back and forth, never getting anywhere.

What I need to do is a test period, where I don't sit down for anything except to eat (at the table, not in front of the TV) after I get home, I use the time to clean the house etc., and I go to bed no later than 9:30.  For like 2-4 weeks.  That's probably a good idea anyway, because my left pinky has been bothering me, and I think it's from playing hours and hours of Epic Mickey (which is a pretty great game).  No time like the present, I'll start today.

This WebMD article sums up the effects of inadequate sleep on weight gain/loss nicely, and includes some basic, practical suggestions for improving sleep quality. 

Friday, November 30, 2012

So Far, So Good

It's been 5 scheduled workouts since we joined Planet Fitness, and miraculously, 5 ACTUAL workouts have occurred.  At their scheduled time, no less.  I'm super proud of both of us, especially since neither of us wanted to do #'s 3-5.  But we both stayed committed to our Stop Being Bad Influences On Each Other (SBBOEO) pledge*, and neither of us actually said "I don't want to work out today" prior to getting on our respective cardio machines.  Of course, afterward we both said "I didn't want to work out today", and congratulated ourselves on doing it anyway.
*Making the SBBOEO pledge is a complicated affair involving a lengthy recitation, fancy robes, and ritual sacrifice.  We didn't know how to do that last part, so we called Wolfram & Hart's Ritual Sacrifice Hotline.  "You have reached ritual sacrifice!  For goats, press one, or say 'Goats!'  To sacrifice a loved one-*click*"  In the end, we just beheaded a stuffed animal.  Poor Pokey, he was a fine orange horse.

So far, we're still keeping it simple.  Serenity hits the recumbent bike, I go to the treadmill, and we try to spend 15-20 minutes on our respective workouts.  Being off work Friday, Serenity also had the energy to do a little light strength training afterwards, so we did the chest press machine and lat pull-downs.  Not a lot, just enough to start waking up the muscles.  For now, I'm actually content to stick to our little cardio workouts, since it constitutes more than either of us has done in the last few years.

Serenity is starting to notice some positive effects, but I'll let her tell you about them.  As for myself, I'm mostly just noticing how toxic my job of sitting-all-damn-day is.  This infographic from reveals some startling facts about how our office jobs will straight up murder us right in the ass.  I've got to find non-sitting ways to occupy myself at work, which should be doable since my job consists mainly of babysitting a desk, with very little actual work.  Serenity is going to have a much harder time incorporating activity into her job, since she actually gets to do work*.
*It's weird for me to be so jealous of her being slammed at work.  I've done food service and janitorial work all my life except for the last five years.  I'm accustomed to work VERY HARD, sometimes for very little money.  Office work blows my mind, because people who've always done office work are amazed by people who get anything done.

We've got workout #6 this evening, and our bags are in the car.  Serenity said her back was hurting this morning, so I hope she remembered her ibuprofen. Either way, though, I intend to OWN that 20 minute treadmill cardio program.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Short Term Goal Strategy

So I've picked out a 5k for March.  I'm going to do the Hero Rush 5k Obstacle Race on March 2nd.

Back in August I was considering doing the Run For Your Lives Zombie 5k Obstacle Race, being held in Austin on December 15th.  However, no shit was gotten together, so it ain't happenin'.  Wait, what?!  Shit, there's another Zombie 5k in Dallas-Fort Worth in March!  Oh, but I'd have to register by the end of today to get the $77 price.  Hmmm, choices.  Nnnngh.  What.  Gah!  Damn, I'll...put it off.  Always a solid plan.

I may be reaching too high with an obstacle-based 5k.  I don't know if it's a good idea to try that extra layer of hard.  What was that I just said about over-planning?

At any rate, I calculate that there are 50 workouts between today and March 2nd, so I could just start today with a 5 minute treadmill warm-up followed by 0.1k/0.062mi of running.  Then add 0.1k/0.062mi of running for every workout.  Afterwards, hit my strength training.

Alternatively, I can look at it as 13 weekends between now and March 2nd, and add 0.385k/0.25mi to a weekly run.  And I can drag my asshole brother to the park every Saturday morning and we can train for the race together.

UPDATE:  Talked to my brother last week, and he's a big sad loser who doesn't want to have any fun.  Ever.  But he will come to the park with me while I train, so there's that at least.  Honestly, I hate spending time with him because he's an absolute troll who makes himself unbearable to be around.  But if I don't spend time with him, I worry he'll be all sad and lonely and start drinking heavily again.  He just dried out (after falling off of my porch, getting a concussion+grand mal seizure), and giving him positive reinforcement of his sobriety via human interaction would be the right thing to do.  Ugh.  Can't he just move in with a bestest best friend and then drag them all over the country like normal people?!  Then he'd have somebody to play with and I could go back to watching an entire movie without him knocking on my door for something retarded.

Also, I did not go to the park this weekend.  I did, however, participate in the planting of 5 trees, which was some serious work.  So not a total loss.