Monday, November 19, 2012

Gym Search

Poodles:  My day job is super boring.  I basically babysit a desk all day, and to stave off self-mutilation for entertainment, I do almost all my personal internetting at work.  Which means when Serenity and I decided it was time to do something about our enormous fat asses, I did the googling needed to make an informed decision on where to work out.

This Google Map I made shows all the gyms in the area where we work that I considered to be good possibilities. This spreadsheet shows the break down of the stats the mattered to us in the gym search.  The idea was, we would visit each one, get the tour, fill in the blank spots where the gym's website didn't tell us what we needed to know, the decide based on that.  In theory.

In practice, I read about the HydroMassage Beds at Planet Fitness and was pretty much decided, based solely on that.  Also, everything else that I could discern from all the gyms' websites pointed me in the direction of Planet Fitness.  So our Saturday of visiting several gyms turned into a quick stop at PF just to make sure they were as clean as they looked in the photos. 

They were so clean, it can only be described as 'confusingly clean'.  It looked like they'd just had a re-model, and every surface was spotless.  All the equipment, the restrooms, changing rooms, even the lockers looked like the cleaning crew took their job very seriously.  I figured if nothing else, the lockers would show signs of neglect, but I swear it was like they'd just been painted that morning.  I asked the attendant at the front desk if they had, in fact, had a recent remodel.  She was all, "Oh yeah, it was totes recent, like a couple years ago."  I was so blown away by how clean the place was, I was thinking more like a couple months ago, but whatevs.  Point is, it's clean.

My Google Map and fancy spreadsheet didn't go to waste though.  First of all, I know you totally checked 'em out, because you love links to silly shit.  +1 for content.  Secondly, remember that boring job?  These were the most exciting things I worked on all day Friday.  Scratch that, all last week.  So +1 for avoiding boredom-induced self-mutilation.

It was weird behavior for both of us, really, because a plan was made, research was conducted, and at least the end result of the original plan was achieved.  Follow-through is not really a strong suit with either of us.  I think if we actually had visited every potential gym before deciding, the shock of doing something we actually set out to do would probably have destroyed us both.  And you know, maybe that's a road block we put up ourselves.  We overplan, scheduling way too much for too short an afternoon, and end up throwing our hands up in despair.  Maybe a better strategy is to strip it down to the desired result, and do only what is absolutely necessary to achieve that.

And maybe if I can apply that to my story-telling, I can actually get to the end of one before my listeners commit boredom-induced self-mutilation.

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