Friday, November 30, 2012

So Far, So Good

It's been 5 scheduled workouts since we joined Planet Fitness, and miraculously, 5 ACTUAL workouts have occurred.  At their scheduled time, no less.  I'm super proud of both of us, especially since neither of us wanted to do #'s 3-5.  But we both stayed committed to our Stop Being Bad Influences On Each Other (SBBOEO) pledge*, and neither of us actually said "I don't want to work out today" prior to getting on our respective cardio machines.  Of course, afterward we both said "I didn't want to work out today", and congratulated ourselves on doing it anyway.
*Making the SBBOEO pledge is a complicated affair involving a lengthy recitation, fancy robes, and ritual sacrifice.  We didn't know how to do that last part, so we called Wolfram & Hart's Ritual Sacrifice Hotline.  "You have reached ritual sacrifice!  For goats, press one, or say 'Goats!'  To sacrifice a loved one-*click*"  In the end, we just beheaded a stuffed animal.  Poor Pokey, he was a fine orange horse.

So far, we're still keeping it simple.  Serenity hits the recumbent bike, I go to the treadmill, and we try to spend 15-20 minutes on our respective workouts.  Being off work Friday, Serenity also had the energy to do a little light strength training afterwards, so we did the chest press machine and lat pull-downs.  Not a lot, just enough to start waking up the muscles.  For now, I'm actually content to stick to our little cardio workouts, since it constitutes more than either of us has done in the last few years.

Serenity is starting to notice some positive effects, but I'll let her tell you about them.  As for myself, I'm mostly just noticing how toxic my job of sitting-all-damn-day is.  This infographic from reveals some startling facts about how our office jobs will straight up murder us right in the ass.  I've got to find non-sitting ways to occupy myself at work, which should be doable since my job consists mainly of babysitting a desk, with very little actual work.  Serenity is going to have a much harder time incorporating activity into her job, since she actually gets to do work*.
*It's weird for me to be so jealous of her being slammed at work.  I've done food service and janitorial work all my life except for the last five years.  I'm accustomed to work VERY HARD, sometimes for very little money.  Office work blows my mind, because people who've always done office work are amazed by people who get anything done.

We've got workout #6 this evening, and our bags are in the car.  Serenity said her back was hurting this morning, so I hope she remembered her ibuprofen. Either way, though, I intend to OWN that 20 minute treadmill cardio program.

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