Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Still At It


It's been a couple of weeks, I know.  I'm sure all three of the robots that read this were on the edge of their seat, waiting to see if we were going to stick with it.  And we have!  The exercise, anyway, if not the blogging.  I'm sure at some point, Serenity is totally going to post something, but in the meantime you have me.  Aren't you just the lucky ones?

So, we had a rough couple of weeks, due to Serenity working 60 hours between 12/3 & 12/7 (overtime, bitches!), and then both of us feeling wore down the following week.  While she was in the accounting frenzy known as Monthly Close, I still got my three workouts (although T-W-Th instead of M-W-F).  And even during the week of "Ugh, we feel like ass, do we have to leave the house?" we still got in two workouts, on Tuesday and Friday.

Serenity's been having some trouble with advancing her workout, so instead of trying to make them longer, we're going to make them more frequent.  Starting today, we're going in after work every weekday for light cardio, then coming in on Saturday morning for strength training.

I still haven't done one single workout to prep for the obstacle 5k I want to do in March.  However, I did sprint 50 yds, climb a stack of pallets, vault over a wire fence and hit an aggressive, unsocialized, unsupervised bull terrier with a piece of rotting wood to get him to stop trying to eat my mom's 3.5 month old rat terrier puppy.  Then I had to go out the neighbor's gate and walk half a mile to get home, since I couldn't get back over the fence with the puppy in my arms.  (This was followed by a whole weekend of restraining the urge to stab my idiot brother, since it was all his fault and he refused to acknowledge responsibility.  That's always a tough workout for me. (I took the pup (Beauxreguarde (extra letters for more Frenchiness (because Mom's kind of a Francophile (the country, not the actors (Yes, plural, haven't you seen James' little brother Dave in 21 Jumpstreet?  Fright Night? That terrible last season of Scrubs??))))) to the vet right away.  No broken bones, no spinal injury.  A couple of nasty puncture wounds and lacerations, and a very bad strain on his right foreleg.  He's recovering quickly, but it was a ROUGH WEEKEND for Little Man.))

I'm also having very little success trying to improve my sleeping habits.  I did have a couple of early nights last week, but I was right back to <6 hours last night.  I don't feel like doing anything that needs to be done during the appropriate time to do it.  Then when it's time to go to bed, it still needs to be done (very inconsiderate of my To-Do List not to do itself so I can watch a Firefly marathon).  So I have to cut into my sleep time to do it.  It's a great place to start for practicing willpower, to make myself do what needs to be done.  This evening I intend to make myself load the dishwasher and take out all the trash.  We'll see how it goes.


It went, and fairly well at that.  I had a really productive day yesterday:  studying, writing the first half of this post, did the dishes and the trash, cleaned the counters, and swept.  I have a butt ton of other stuff to talk about, but this post is beginning to ramble, so NEW POST!

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